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Posted on 11th March 2011 by Krow in Miscellaneous

It has been almost exactly one year since I last wrote. To those who have continued to come back thank you. I have had a lot happen in the past year. But to those fateful followers have made me feel guilty for not writing more.

So to those followers I say: “I am back and have many things to write about.”

This last year I have learned, experienced, and thought about many things. I can’t wait to write about them all. But this post is an overview of last year, what I learned and what I hope to write about.

One of the biggest things that happened to me is the birth of my 4th son Sean. I forgot of how much work a newborn is and at the same time how much joy they are. My family has and still is the greatest thing in the world to me. My wife is so understanding of my weaknesses, hopes, dreams, desires, and faults (OCD, perfectionist) and my glutardness. My kids are great as well. I have learned so much from my children and they are truly the light of my life. Thank you for help and love.

The past couple of months have been hard as well. I have missed my mother a lot lately. I have had so much happen to me in the past month that I have missed having her to speak to. She was always so helpful by lending me an ear and advice of what she felt was best. It has been a hard month for me and I have wanted that “other person” to talk to for an outside look in. Something she was great at.

This year I have pushed my limits to the max. I have been learning and working on learning everything possible to be the project manager my job is needing. I have read 3 books on project management this year and many many blogs and opinions out there on the subject.

I have read book on SVN and learned more then I thought I would. But due to my position at work I don’t get to work with it as much as I would like. But even the basic understanding of it has helped me as the PM at work.

I have also been exploring the science and mystery of SEO. I have read only 1 book so far on the issue but have learned so much. I am excited to post what I have learned to get feedback from others.

Another issue I have now started to explore is Drupal. Just another tool I would like to try to add to my belt.

One other thing that has helped me with this learning is the start of a local user group that I and a friend has done. This group is known as Davis Open Source Group. We have received sponsorship with Apress publishing and this has been a great help.

Again thanks to everyone. I am back and will post more to share with those what I know and hope to learn more from those out there.

Here is to new beginnings.

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