UTOSC Update Keynotes

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Posted on 28th August 2008 by Krow in Miscellaneous


First Keynote:
How To Leverage Open Source in a For-Profit Business
Mac Newbold – Code Greene

Mac did a great job. He pointed out how Code Greene has used Open Source to their advantage and how it has helped them keep profits as low as possible but yet deliver high end products to the client.

One thing that stuck out most to me was that Mac said “If the program doesn’t do what we want it to, we add to it. Or if we discover a bug, we fix it and submit it back to the community.” This is a great concept.

This was something that I noticed about the people I came across this day. Everyone is there to help eachother and to bounce off new ideas. It was great. Mac did an excellent job. It was straight to the point.

Second Keynote:
Fedora: The Future, First
Paul Frields – Red Hat

Now I don’t know much about Fedora but it seems like a great distro for Linux. And from what I could tell in Paul’s presentation they have made some great movement in pushing it forward.

I couldn’t help but think that Paul was trying to preach to me to push Fedora more, to become an ambassador for them. Paul pushed this over and over. Even when I thought he would be done it seemed like he went back to this. His presentation just seemed to never end really.