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Posted on 17th December 2008 by Krow in Browsers


prevxiefixAs much as I don’t want to post this on my blog I figured I should post the good news equally.

Microsoft has announced that they will be pushing out an unscheduled security patch for Internet Explorer, but a company known as Prevex has released a temporary patch.

The small utility will allow users to disable the affected component of Internet Explorer and apparently keep you safe from that specific exploit.

“Just avoiding using IE will not protect user’s computers as malicious code targets users through a number of other means also,” said Prevx’s head of research Jacques Erasmus.

“Prevx has addressed the weaknesses exploited by this approach, providing consumers with next-level protection.”

TechRadar reports that simply not using IE won’t keep the vulnerability from affecting your PC; an estimated 2 million PCs have already been infected. The vulnerability affects IE 6 and above, including Internet Explorer 8. Chances are most users (not reading this) won’t get to the Prevx temporary fix before tomorrow.

With this vulnearblilty now being exposed I am hoping that this people will now realize why Internet Explorer is a terrible browser and has been for years. I hope that all readers of this blog or the many other blogs that have exploted this have now switched to a much safer browser. If you have not done so yet go download and install a better browser.

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